Regional Innovation in Central Europe: Example from Olomouc Region
Date: 16.05.2006 - 16.06.2006

On May 16th, 2006, 10 a.m. at the Premises of the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic, The Palacký University Olomouc and The Czech Liaison Office for R&D have organized a Lunch Seminar "Regional Innovation in Central Europe: Emerging example from the Olomouc Region, Czech Republic". Eight speakers introduced individual Faculties of the University and the Technology Parc Olomouc:

  1. Jakub Dürr - introduction of the Palacký University
  2. Ladislav Daniel - Moravia and the World - Art in the open multicultural space
  3. Tomáš Opatrný - Optics, applied mathematics, information science, geoinformatics
  4. Pavel Hradil - Chemical research and its applications
  5. Miroslav Strnad - Biological research and its applications
  6. Marian Hajdúch - Translational research and "bench to bed" approach with industrial implications in oncology [presentation too large - available upon request]
  7. Martin Modrianský - Nutraceuticals as chemopreventive and supportive agents in complex therapy of cancer and other civilization disorders
  8. Miroslav Mašláň - Head of the Centre for Nanotechnology Research