Search for postdoctoral researchers Marie Curie Actions IOF, IEF, IIF: University of Almeria, Spain, 17.06.2013.


Partner Search on EIP Programme: Towards World-Class Clusters - Promoting Cluster Excellence. The concrete offer of Maurcio region (ES) can be found here. Deadline: 18.06.2013


FP7-ICT-2013-10, Objective ICT-2013.3.3: Heterogeneous Integration and take-up of Key Enabling Technologies for Components and Systems , points a.1 (funding scheme IP) and a.2 (IP), Technical Unit Portici Technologies (UTTP), Italy, 14.12.2012. Contact: Roberta Boniotti, roberta.boniotti@enea.it.


FP7-ICT-2013-11, Objective ICT-2013.3.2: Photonics , points a.2 (funding scheme STREP), b.1 (STREP) and b.2 (STREP), Technical Unit Portici Technologies (UTTP), Italy, 14.12.2012. Contact: Roberta Boniotti, roberta.boniotti@enea.it.


FP7-FoF-NMP-2013-11: Generation of 3D micro parts by novel a micro printing process chain, LEITAT Technological Centre, Spain, 08.11.2012.


GC.SST.2013-3: Future light urban vehicles, IPA SA, Romania, 1.11.2012.


FP7-SME-2013: Obtaining animal food, biostimulants and cosmetics from animal keratin waste, LEITAT Technological Center, Spain, 30.10.2012.


NMP.2013.1.2-1: Nanotechnology-based sensors for environmental monitoring, Nanophotonics Technology Center of the Universidad Politecnica de Valenciais, Spain, 28.9.2012.


ENV.2013.6.3-1: Turning waste into a resource through innovative technologies, processes and services -  sub-topic a) Valorisation of urban waste, Ecole Superieure du Bois, France, 27.08.2012.


FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2013-1: Production and use of a Training and Dissemination Toolkit on Responsible research and innovation, Fundación Madri+d para el Conocimiento, Spain, 23.07.2012.


Jihoafrická republika - oblast NMP (26.6.2012)
NMP.2013.1.2-1 Nanotechnology-based sensors for environmental monitoring - University of Cape Town      
NMP.2013.1.2-2 Nano-therapeutics to treat bacterial infectious diseases - CSIR Biosciences    
NMP.2013.1.3-3 Development of a systematic framework for naming and assessing safety of the next generations of nano- material's being developed for industrial applications - CSIR Biosciences      
NMP.2013.2.1-1 Developing new precursors, new processing routes and functionalisations for carbon fibres - Aerosud, Denel Aerostructures         
NMP.2013.2.2-2 Biomaterials: Imaging and rapid precise prototyping technology for custom made scaffolds (Coordinated call with China) - Southern Implants, Elite Surgical         
NMP.2013.4.0-5 Deployment of societally beneficial nano- and/or materials technologies in ICP countries - CSIR, Mintek, TUT, UOS         
NMP.2013.4.0-6 Safe Life Extension management of aged infrastructures networks and industrial plants - Denel, Eskom ArcelorMittal, Transnet        
NMP.2013.4.1-2 Breakthrough Solutions for Mineral Extraction and Processing in Extreme Environments - Mintek, Centre for Mining Innovation, AngloGold Ashanti        
FoF.NMP.2013-5 Innovative design of personalised product-services and of their production processes based on collaborative environments - Aerosud         
FoF.NMP.2013-8 Innovative strategies for renovation and repair in manufacturing Systems - CSIR NLC & CSIR MSM         
FoF.NMP.2013-10 Manufacturing processes for products made of composites or engineered metallic materials - Aerosud       
GC.NMP.2013-1 Improved materials for innovative ageing resistant batteries - Optimal Energy

v případě zájmu kontaktujte Francois Prinsloo, FP7 NMP NCP for South Africa, contact@esastap.org.za, fprinsloo@csir.co.za


Jihoafrická republika - oblast Bezpečnost (26.6.2012)     
SEC-2013.1.1-2 “Stronger Identity for EU citizens” - CSIR, Information Security group         
SEC-2013.1.6-1 Framework and tools for (semi-) automated exploitation of massive amounts of digital data for forensic purposes - Information and Computer Security Group, Univ of Pretoria         
SEC-2013-1.6-3 Surveillance of wide zones: from detection to alert - CSIR DPSS        
SEC-2013.2.5-2 Understanding the economic impacts of Cyber crime in non-ICT sectors across jurisdictions      
SEC-2013.2.5-3 Pan European detection and management of incidents/attacks on critical infrastructures in sectors other than the ICT sector (i.e. energy, transport, finance, etc) - CSIR DPSS         
SEC-2013.3.2-2 Sensor technology for under foliage detection - CSIR DPSS        
SEC-2013.5.3-1 Definition of interoperability specifications for information and meta-data exchange amongst sensors and control systems         
SEC-2013.5.3-2 Testing the interoperability of maritime surveillance systems         
SEC-2013.6.1-1 The impact of social media in emergencies - CSIR Human Language Technologies, Ontologies and Reasoning

SEC-2013.6.3-1 Horizon scanning and foresight for security research and innovation - Bansha Investments – contribute perspectives from Third Countries since “Global challenges require global solutions” as well as potential New Markets for EU solutions         
SEC-2013.7.2-1 Open topic for Small and Medium Enterprises: “Solutions for frequent petty crimes that are of high impact to local communities and citizens“ - CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety & Security         
SEC-2013.7.4-1 Trans-national cooperation among public security research stakeholders - CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety & Security

v případě zájmu kontaktujte Barend Taute, FP7 Security NCP for South Africa, Security.ncp@esastap.org.za, BTaute@csir.co.za



ENV.2013.6.3-2 and ENV.2013.6.2-4: Urban gardening in degraded areas, ENVIT Ltd., Slovenia, 01.06.2012.


OCEAN 2013.1: Biosensors for real time monitoring of biohazard and man made chemical contaminants in the marine environment, ENEA, Italy, 01.06.2012.


IEE: Best European  local systems to increase  biomass for energy and heating  production, not competing with agricultural and zootechnical production, ENEA, Italy, 18.04.2012.


EUREKA/EUROSTARS: Smart, Integrated, and High Tech LED Lighting System Design and Development, ALE Technologies, Turkey, 21.03.2012.


CIP-ICT-PSP: Mobile cloud for business applications, TeamNet International, Romania, 20.02.2012.


EUREKA/EUROSTARS: Database Replication Multiplexer, ARNECA Technologies, Turkey, 17.02.2012.


FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1: Capacities Improvement and Research Potential of Cetma Laboratories in Virtual Design, CETMA, Italy, 16.11.2011.


FP7-2012-GC.NMP-1: Selection, synthesis and electrochemical characterization of electrode materials for advanced lithium-ion batteries, ENEA, Italy, 14.11.2011.


Seznam partnerů do projektů 7. RP v oblasti Zdraví (země EECA a EU)
Seznam potencionálních partnerů ze zemí východní Evropy a střední Asie a ze 4 členských států EU (CZ, PL, HU a IT), kteří mají zájem zapojit se do projektů 7. RP v oblasti zdraví, naleznete zde.


EUREKA/Eurostars: Beebox-DVB-S HD settop box with Internet over satellite, Omega Elektronik AS, Turkey, 02.11.2011.


FP7-2012-NMP-ICT-FoF: "FoFCORK" new techniques in the factory of the future in (cork) industry, IDETRA, Spain, 21.10.2011.


Health v 7. RP (různá témata): seznam kontaktů do projektových konsorcií ze španělské oblasti Aragonie naleznete zde, 06.10.2011.          


KBBE.2012.1.3-04: Optimised terrestrial farm animal reproduction systems and/or technologies, ENEA, Italy, 23.09.2011.


ENV.2012.6.2-1: Improving the assessment of plans and projects significantly affecting the ecosystem services, ENEA, Italy, 12.09.2011.


KBBE.2012.2.3-05: Insects as novel sources of proteins, ENEA, Italy, 05.08.2011.


FP7-ENV-2012: From landfill to flooring. Development of waste based ceramic materials for outdoor applications, Asociación de investigación de las industrias cerámicas, Spain, 03.08.2011.


Španělské organizace se zájmem zapojit se do VaV projektů v 7. RP. V rámci iniciativy Connect - EU rozděleny do pracovních skupin: Agro Food, Energy, Factories of the future, Health, Information and communication technologies, Materials, Medical technology, Multimedia, mobile and interactive applications, Nanobiology

Electronic systems, Social sciences and humanities, Sustainable catalysis, Sustainable transport, Water. 18.07.2011


Marie Curie Actions - IEF, IOF, IIF: Fellow in different energy areas, University of Staffordshire, UK, 01.07.2011.


SEC-2011.4.1-1 Crisis management modelling tool: CROSS  - Crisis Optimisation Simulation Software, SC SIS SA, Romania, 24.11.2010.


FP7-KBBE-2011: Use of green energy (other than biogas and biomass) supply for animal production and food

processing, ADEuropa Foundation, Spain, 24.11.2010.


ICT-2011.5.3 Patient Guidance Services (PGS), safety and healthcare recordinformation reuse: QUEST project (QUality of life system Enabling Senior Travel), University of Cadiz, Spain, 23.11.2010.


FP7-ENERGY-2011-1: Integrated Torrefaction-Compacting Biomass Process, Fundación Cartif, Spain, 22.10.2010.


FP7-ENVIRONMENT: Basic frame elaboration for methodological substantiation of new environment-society connections concerning  UE Romania’s functional integration perspective, Geological Institute of Romania, Romania, 18.10.2010.


FP7-TRANSPORT: Automated Road Traffic Management and Information System (ARTMIS), European University Cyprus, Cyprus, 14.10.2010.


NMP.2011.12-3: Clean-Fiber, Asociación de la Industria Navarra, Spain, 13.10.2010.


FoF.NMP.2011-1: ECOCOR (Research and Development of a Technique to Recover the Byproducts of the Effluent from the Cork Boiler and to Reduce Environmental Pollution), Instituto del Corcho, la Madera y el Carbón Vegetal (IPROCOR), Spain, 04.10.2010.


KBBE.2011.1.2-03: Acclimatization of Novel Species in Cover Crops as Focal Point to Raising The Land Value Through Both Conventional and Organic Farming Systems, Heliopolis University, Egypt, 29.09.2010.


NMP.2011.2.1-1: CerCoGI - Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Components for Glass Industry, ENEA, Italy, 24.09.2010.


FP7-HEALTH-2011-two-stage: REDDIACOM (Improvement and Development of New Multicentre Clinical Trials to Detect and Reduce Diabetes Complications), Fundación CARTIF, Spain, 24.09.2010.


NMP: FP7 project InForm is looking for a Czech partner

The already running FP7 project „Integrating Nanomaterials in Formulations“ (InForm) is looking for a partner from the Czech Republic. The description of the project and further information including contacts is to be found on the project website.


HEALTH 2011, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 27.08.2010.


KBBE 2011: Application of membrane separation technologies for wastewater treatment especially from agro industry to recover water and high added value compounds usable both in nutraceuticals and energy fields, ENEA, Italy, 27.08.2010.


SECURITY 2011: Cross Border Control, University of Hertsfordshire, Hatfield, UK, 27.08.2010.


FP7-REGIONS-2011-1: Transnational cooperation between regional research-driven clusters - transport related economy, University of Cyprus, Cyprus, 02.08.2010.


HEALTH FP7-HEALTH-2011, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 02.08.2010:


NMP, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 02.08.2010:


Partner search: Transport Research Information Days, Brussels, 22.-23.07. 2010. 


Space: Wireless Cooperative Robotics for Space Exploration, Cartheur Technology Research, The Netherlands, 16.07.2010.


PEOPLE - Initial Training Networks: Position for Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in Computer Science- Transactional memory, existing project TransForm, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, 18.06.2010.


Research for the profit of SMEs: VALEURICE – Novel applications  of rice-derived compounds in food and cosmetics, Parco Tecnologico Padano, Italy, 18.06.2010.


Research for the profit of SMEs: Innovative diagnostic kit to rapidly identify contaminant bacteria in milk and prevent cheese loss, Simona Palermo, Italy, 18.06.2010.


HEALTH.2010. 2.4.3-3: Molecular and physiological effects of lifestyle factors on diabetes/obesity, Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology, Romania, 18.06.2010.


ENV.2011.3.1.9-1 Eco-innovation, Research of IT Monitoring System on technical and eco-Buildings safety, SENSOR, Slovakia, 18.06.2010.


FOOD: Institute of Food Research, United Kingdom. General cooperation in the field. Presentation of the institute and contact details can be found here. 26.03.2010.


Partner search: IEE Infoday Brussels, 03.02.2010. 


FP7 KBBE/EUROSTARS: Development of novel functional foods: innovative technologies, Sanremo Foods, Italy, 26.01.2010.


ERC Starting Grant - Project subcontracting: Integrated Chemical Platform to Elucidate Eukaryotic Sensing of Bacterial Crosstalk. Areas of Interest: Macrophage cell culture, C. elegans culture. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, 11.01.2010.


HEALTH 2010. 1.2-3: Harmonization, validation and standardization in genetic testing, Alexandria University, Egypt, 06.01.2010.


HEALTH 2010.2.4.1-4: Infectious agents and cancer in Africa, Alexandria University, Egypt, 06.01.2010.


KBBE.2010.1.1-03: Characterisation of biodiversity resources for wild crop relatives to improve crops by breeding, Alexandria University, Egypt, 06.01.2010.


FP7-KBBE-2010-4: Development of biodegradable food packaging, Alexandria University, Egypt, 06.01.2010.


HEALTH-2010.3.4-3: Building sustainable capacity for research for health in Africa, Alexandria University, Egypt, 06.01.2010.


KBBE.2010.1.2-03: Sustainable water resources management and Soil fertility conservation for food production in Africa, Alexandria University, Egypt, 06.01.2010.


KBBE-2010: Activity 2.2: Fork to farm: Food (including seafood), health and well being, Alexandria University, Egypt, 06.01.2010.


FP7-RoK-2010: Regions of Knowledge, Food Cluster, Austria, 17.12.2010.


ICT: partner search for ongoing project Lenvis, HydroLogic BV, the Netherlands, 09.12.2009. 


FP7-KBBE-2010-4: Sustainable production and management of biological resources from land, forest and aquatic environment, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 09.12.2009.


AAT 2010.1.2-1: NANOCOAT - Alternative coatings for aeronautic industry, Israel Institute of Metals - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, 26.11.2009.


ERC Advanced investigators grant: Infrared Solar Reactor, Stephen O’Brien, France, 25.11.2009.


FP7-RoK-2010: Regions of Knowledge, ICT Catalan Cluster, Spain, 23.11.2009. 


FP7-RoK-2010: Regions of Knowledge, Agro-Food Cluster, Spain, 16.11.2009. 


FP7-ENV-2010: Standard Assessment Methods for Soil Organism Indicators, Iniciativas Innovadoras, Spain, 20.10.2009. 


NMP.2010.2.3-1: Development of standard scaffolds for the rational design of bioactive materials for tissue regeneration, CHEMPILOTS, Denmark, 16.10.2009.


HEALTH.2010.2.4.2-1: Reducing in-stent thrombosis, CHEMPILOTS, Denmark, 16.10.2009.


HEALTH.2010.1.1-1: Harmonisation of phenotyping and biosampling for human largescale research biobanks, CNR - Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa, Italy, 09.10.2009.


Partner Search - Transport Infodays 28-29/09/2009, Brussels. 


FP7- ICT: ICT Learning Spaces Project, University of Gloucestershire, UK, 09.09.2009.


Energy: New reactor for bioethanol production, Catholic University of Salta, The Netherlands, 27.07.2009. 


FP7-SME-2009-1: Development of a new fully-automatic system for picking, handling and storing mushrooms for the fresh-market industry, CRIC SA, Spain, 22.07.2009.


FP7-SME-2009-1: POLYSENSE – system to improve use of recycled polymers in extrusion and injection processes through in-line ultrasonic measurement of polymer density and viscosity, CRIC SA, Spain, 22.07.2009.


FP7-SME-2009-1: WATERPULSE- disinfection system for cooling towers based on pulsed plasma discharges, CRIC SA, Spain, 22.07.2009.


Partner Search Energy Efficient Buildings, Informační den Public Private Partnership Iniciatives, 13.7. 2009, Brusel. 


FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IAPP: SEMCOM - Semantic Community based Knowledge Management platform for Scientific and Professional Communities, KINOR Technologies, 19.06.2009.


Preliminary Capacities 2010 (Research for the profit of SMEs): Successful FAlse aLArm Management. Real-Time 3-D Modeling for Intruder Detection System, Iniciativas Innovadoras, Spain, 19.06.2009.


FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IAPP: Developing a web-based, dynamic and smart system for technology transfer – DYNASFER, Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center, Turkey, 19.06.2009.


Preliminary ICT 2010: Intelligent Information Management for XML, International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems, Kiev, Ukraine, 08.06.2009.


Eco-innovation 2009: Value-added secondary by-products from food industry and municipal waste, Agropolis OY, Finland, 08.06.2009.


Preliminary Capacities 2010 (Research for the profit of SMEs): IONIC AND ELECTROMAGNETIC HYBRID PROPULSION - AOCS, Iniciativas Innovadoras, Spain, 04.06.2009.


Preliminary call Security 2010 (2010.1.3-3): Tackling counterfeit medicines and related criminal networks, De Smedt SC, Belgium, 02.06.2009.


Preliminary Capacities 2010 (Research for the profit of SMEs): Evaluation of non-conventional thermal technologies in mushroom processing, Mushroom Processing Industry, 17.04.2009.


ICT: SIS_EC (Safe Integrated System for Energy Consumption Efficiency), Societatea de Inginerie Sisteme SA, Romania, 09.04.2009.


SMArtIMon (Intelligent Vibration Control System based on SMA dampers for Infrastructures), Eftimie Murgu University Resita – Center of Advanced Research, Design and Technology, Romania, 07.04.2009.


ICT: DIGITEF - Control and Diagnosis Based on Image Complexity Interpretation, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania, 07.04.2009.


ICT: COMOD - Conceptual Models and Architectures for Mobile Sensor Networks  Based on Data Fusion and Internal Processing, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania, 07.04.2009.


FP7-NMP-2009-EU-Russia: Development of Sensor system for on-line Monitoring of ethanol. Wine aging process optimisation. Tecnica en instalaciones de fluidos, Spain, 23.02.2009.


PEOPLE - IAPP: Medical Device Packaging: Self-sterilisation, Sealed air nelipak, Ireland, 10.02.2009.


FP7-GALILEO-2008-GSA-1 Professional Receivers, China GALILEO Industries, China, 12.01.2009.


"Research for SMEs" (expected Capacities call 2010) Mushroom processing by-products valorization, Mushroom processing industry, Spain, 12.01.2009.


"Research for SMEs" (expected Capacities call 2010) Evaluation of non-thermal technologies in mushroom processing, Mushroom processing industry, Spain, 12.01.2009.


FP7-NMP-2009-SMALL-3 Nanostructured surfaces for improving properties of materials. Improvement the surface properties of rubber. INICIATIVAS INNOVADORAS, Spain, 12.01.2009.


NMP-2009-2.3-1 Biomimetic gels and polymers for tissue repair, CENTEXBEL, Belgium, 17.12.2008.


ENV.2009. Sustainable development of coastal cities, University of Bologna, Italy, 11.12.2008.


SEC-2009- Supply chains and market integration, London Metropolitan University, UK, 14.11.2008.


KBBE-2009-2-1-03: Behavioural models for prevention of obesity, with a particular focus on children, Cardiff School of Sport, UK, 29.10.2008. 


HEALTH-2009-2.2.1-4 Understanding the blood brain barrier (BBB) to improve drug delivery to the brain, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 24.10.2008.


Nabídky ke spolupráci představené na Euro-southeast Asia Cooperation Forum on ICT: http://www.eurosoutheastasia-ict.org/docs/Bottom-up_projects_online.pdf


Partner Search z Informačního dne Energie 24.09.2008, Brusel.


FP7-ICT-2009 E-PLAMSI, European Multichannel Platform of Integrated Services, CITIC Foundation, Spain, 23.09.2008.


ENV.2009. Sustainable development of coastal cities, IFREMER, France, 19.09. 2008.


Health-2009-1.2-6 Evaluation of the potential health impact of diagnostic imaging agents doses, ENEA - Research Center of Saluggia, Italy, 18.09. 2008.


Eco-Innovation CIP-EIP-ECO-INNOVATION-2008: Sustainable management of irrigation and microclimate variables in greenhouses using soilless and closed-cycle cultivation systems, INKOA SISTEMAS, Spain, 11.07.2008


Partner search z Infodne Energie k výzvě FP7-ENERGY-2008-TREN-1, Brusel, 20.06.2008 


HEALTH-2008-4.3.3-2: Mechanisms of Diabetic Related Co-Morbidity in Heart Failure, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 16.06. 2008


Environment/Energy: Conversion of wastes as an alternative rout to renewable fuel production and recovering of raw products, Technical University of Lodz, Poland, 23.04. 2008.


AAT.2008.4.1.1. Design Systems and Tools: Application of artificial Neural Networks, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 01.04.2008.


AAT.2008.1.1.2: Aerostructures: Novel magnesium casings for future aircraft, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 24.03. 2008.


SSH: Evironment-Development issues in the Eastern Mediterranean (architecture and urban planning; current global trends) and/or Cultural heritage practices in the Eastern Mediterranean, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, 14.03.08.




cordis.europa.eu/partners - Hledání partnerů na komisním serveru CORDIS


www.smesgolifesciences.be/common/Participate.asp - Hledání partnerů v živých vědách


www.ideal-ist.net - Hledání partnerů v ICT




www.epist.org - Hledání partnerů v ICT pro živé vědy


www.nanoforum.org - Programy a partneři v NMP


www.managenergy.net/submenu/Sps.htm - Hledání partnerů v energetice


cordis.europa.eu/security/partners.htm - Hledání partnerů v bezpečnostním výzkumu


www.detect-it2.org - Hledání partnerů pro malé a střední firmy v ICT, energetice, biotechnologiích a zdraví


http://www.aeroportal.eu/database.html - Hledání partnerů (především MSP) v aeronautice


rp7.ffg.at/RP7.aspx?target=113785 - Rakouské stránky 7.RP vč. hledání partnerů v každé prioritě


ec.europa.eu/research/fp6/projects.cfm - Projekty v 6.RP


ec.europa.eu/research/success/en/success_en.html - Úspěšné projekty


http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/projects/... - Projekty v ICT


Seznam kontaktů, potenciálních partnerů do projektových konsorcií v oblasti Zdraví v 7. RP ze španělské oblasti Aragonie, naleznete zde.